Bloomvale Dental - Our CultureBloomvale Dental is a lifelong dream for Dr. Chris H. Chang made into reality. Dentistry has always been a defining influence in his life and a journey from fear to fulfillment. Dr. Chang went from being terrified of the dentist, to becoming one himself! After experiencing care and kindness to overcome his fear, he knew that his calling was to take care of others the same way.

An Inspired Culture Based on Trust

Here at Bloomvale Dental, every aspect of our office has been carefully envisioned by Dr. Chang to create a remarkable experience! This means we will always be open and accepting and focus on understanding rather than teaching. We are a team of healthcare providers, and together we strive and celebrate to provide healthy smiles.

We seek to be much more than the best dental office. We seek to provide excellent customer service. We do what is right for our patients. We are committed to restoring ideal oral health to those in need and celebrating a healthy smile. We will never compromise on providing the best dental care.

Dentistry is a challenge that provides the greatest reward. Giving a child the ability to chew or allowing someone to smile for an event is life-changing for the person but also for us as healthcare providers. We hope to serve the families of Eastvale and create lasting relationships that will grow with our community.