An Amazing NEW Dental Experience in Eastvale CA 91752


It is hard to find an experience that is truly remarkable but that is what we strive for at Bloomvale Dental. The dental experience can be full of anticipation but it does not have to be that way at all. From the moment you get a warm and friendly greeting from our staff you will know right away that there is something different to experience with our office and from our team. We are dedicated to values and a commitment to do good and always be smiling and we are here to provide care to people like you who live in Eastvale, Ontario, Norco, Mira Loma, and other surrounding cities.

We cannot make others smile by advertising them or giving instructions on how to do it. It is not enough that employees are instructed to smile and be positive. It begins here with Dr. Chris Chang and his never fading optimism and care for others. Dr. Chang believes with all his heart that he can take care of the people living in Eastvale like no other dentist and provide an experience that is truly remarkable!

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Who do we take examples from?

Dr. Chang has always valued excellent customer service and looks to those organizations that are truly good at it for guidance. Companies like the Ritz-Carlton, Chick-fil-a and Nordstrom truly value a great experience for all. These companies spend time with their employees in order to help them value the customer and prioritize the experience and also realize the positive impact a single person can have.


How do we provide excellence?

We have created a team who truly cares as much as Dr. Chang and believe in the same values and then we work hard to cultivate every aspect of the visit possible. Clear explanations of what will be done BEFORE and asking permission. Making sure everyone is comfortable during and AFTER visits. Giving guidance but ultimately helping those in need realize and decide the best way back to a healthy smile.

Sometimes being great can be as simple as a pleasant surprise. There are many aspects of the experience that can be great. With great thought we have sought out ways to improve the convenience, safety, comfort, technology, and control provided to our patients.

Many of our patients really appreciate the simple explanations and preparation that ensures your benefits and costs are clearly explained and overall simplified. We use the industry standard clover terminal which allows us to provide safe and secure transactions with receipts instantly via email or text message without ever taking your personal credit cards out of your sight. Clover has taken the commerce world by storm and we are glad to have the technology.

Tech. Advances in tech are what IMPRESS our patients the most after our customer service but actually serve to make that great experience even better. Watching a tv show while we take care of your oral health makes visits much better for all but especially for younger children in our surrounding communities. We build trust by relying on large photos of what is truly going on with your teeth or smile so you can clearly see as well as understand how our recommendations will help improve your life.


Who can benefit the most from a great customer experience?

We care for all our patients on a personal level but by far the ones who will truly appreciate what Bloomvale Dental has to offer are those of us who are anxious or fearful of the dentist. There are far too many stories of people who have had a bad experience and unfortunately this is far too common. Dr. Chang and the team at bloomvale Dental seek to change this perception in Eastvale, Mira Loma, Ontario Ranch and surrounding communities. Overcoming fear or a bad experience is an IMMENSE challenge and it takes a great deal of compassion and interaction and time to truly help people overcome their fears. Dr. Chang know what it takes to overcome fear as he was once fearful of being in the dental chair as well. We are not only doctors but we were all once patients in our lives.

Overcoming this fear begins with building trust. Trust in that we will be honest and ethical and more importantly that we are nice people who want to help our communities in the way we know best by helping people smile. From the first call to our office to our follow up calls after visits we truly understand that trust comes from our actions and interactions. No one is a number or a lesser priority as in some other industries or corporate smile centers.

From there the experience of restoring your oral health is done by focusing on an attention to detail and doing what is best for our patients. A famous quote says “Anything worth doing is worth doing well.” Dr. Chang fully embraces this mantra by offering what is best for the patient or the individual circumstances for the patient. Whether it be a nice looking crown or a stronger crown, they may not always require the same treatment but we will always seek the best option for the patient and help them achieve it.

Using our state of the art imaging and extra sensitive sensor tech means less harm to you and better comfort to achieve health. To expand on this further this means being more conservative and seek the best result and not compromising on longevity or satisfaction.

By having a one on one conversation we find that the best way to truly help our patients is to truly listen and understand what the needs and wants are and share our guidance. This is something that can be done with your schedule, or with your future planning options and especially your values and objections.

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