Whitening products are available everywhere these days, but many have several drawbacks. For example, some products simply do not work, failing to lighten your teeth by a noticeable degree. Other whitening systems can be painful or cause your teeth to become incredibly sensitive.

A good dentist is not only concerned with your oral health but also gives consideration to the appearance of your teeth. At Bloomvale Dental, Dr. Chang uses KöR Whitening because it does not come with these disadvantages. KöR Whitening is effective and can whiten your teeth up to an incredible 16 shades! The system is also largely painless and does not use lasers or intense lights. Most patients report minimal to no sensitivity with KöR Whitening.

Bloomvale Dental offers KöR Whitening with both in-office and take-home treatments. See for yourself the results offered by this effective product by scheduling an appointment. Just call (951) 325-4600.