What is the TMJ?                                                           

The temporomandibular joints or TMJs are the points on either side of your face where your jaw hinges. Your TMJs are just beneath your ears and are crucial for opening and closing your mouth and everything that goes with those actions. In other words, the TMJs make chewing and speaking possible.

Unfortunately, the TMJs are also subject to problems collectively called temporomandibular disorder or TMD. This disorder can be brought on by injury, infection, teeth grinding in your sleep, and genetic problems. The most common symptom of TMD is jaw pain, but severe cases can lead to difficulties in opening or closing your mouth.

Surgical correction for TMD is available, but there are often non-surgical alternatives. Patients in Eastvale and the surrounding areas can receive effective treatment for jaw issues from Dr. Chang at Bloomvale Dental. Dr. Chang has the experience and training necessary to offer night splints and other non-invasive treatments for TMJ difficulties.

Dr. Chang himself had a period of time when his bite was uncomfortable and was fortunate enough to become diagnosed and obtain a solution using an orthodontic appliance. If you suffer from aches in your jaw or frequent jaw pain, have the problem checked out. Call us today at (951) 325-4600 for diagnosis and expert treatment.